An Independent Actor

KONITA Trade international established in Feb 2013 in Bangladesh who is now playing a leading role on Import and export and commissioning agent of paper, pulp and chemical. The company grew up to become an organization were has successfully enhance world’s largest & finest paper production mills whom are deliver superior products like kraft liner, medium, duplex board, pulp etc., with incomparable and extraordinary services by maintaining reputation for quality and reliability.

KONITA Trade International as a Company has made it standing out place in this industry for his diversity of product supply, reliability and credibility among its large number of clients and its ability to cater to the needs of valuable clients especially Large and medium export-oriented organizations. Besides, we also supply substantial quantity of paper mills raw materials. We have a strong Sales and support team who are working in Bangladesh Market. We have a strong foot print in International market (Sri Lanka and China) of paper and pulp. Our highly experienced supply chain team is serving the domestic & international market with uppermost customer priority. Our international market sales is growing rapidly. Our domestic market is also growing fast with not less than 160%.

With leading marketing model with outstanding quality and admirable brand reputation and the best in class customer-caring service, KONITA Trade International has won a great reputation from home and aboard, and has branded more deeply into the hearts of the customers.

Core Value

We are strongly focus to reach company goals and to achieve strategic objectives, we rely on our human resources as our main asset is a dedicated industry experienced professional team, with proficient skills and comprehensive knowledge about the market and products.
We do our utmost to be always our customers’ partner of choice. Showing customer oriented approach in all our processes,
creating value for our customers to respond to their expectations of quality and stability will always be our first priority. We will continue this direction of growth fired by the integrity and support of all the employees and Management here at Konita, with the same excitement and determination.

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